Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck uses the latest technology but manages to preserve its family character at the same time. Here, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. In recent years the brewery has seen a strong growth in exports. As well as Belgium, our main markets now include France, the Netherlands, the USA, Russia, China and South America. Overall, 45 percent of our brewing production is destined for export.

In fact, Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck is four breweries in one. Our brewing equipment is capable of producing top-fermented beers of the Kasteel type, mixed fermentation beers such as Bacchus and spontaneously fermented beers of the St-Louis variety. Moreover, just like a microbrewery, Van Honsebrouck is capable of handling small volumes starting from 50 hectolitres. In addition to producing the standard range, the brewery can come up with a variety of limited editions in own branded or bespoke packaging.

This site provides an annual brewing capacity of 250,000 hectolitres. To avoid any possible risk of contamination by wild yeasts, the production circuits for top-fermented beers (Trignac, Kasteel, Brigand, Filou, Passchendaele, Slurfke, Barista) are kept completely separate from those used to produce beers of spontaneous and mixed fermentation (St-Louis, Bacchus), from the point where the wort is ready to be fermented. Facilities include a foeder hall where the mixed fermentation beers (Bacchus) are matured and a barrel chamber for those beers that ripen on wood (Trignac).

Production and logistics are all based in Izegem with a warehousing capability of 15,000m2 including the warm chambers. The perfectly equipped visitors’ centre offers brewery tours, the opportunity to enjoy our speciality beers and have a bite to eat afterwards in our restaurant.


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