Beer Families


At Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck the focus is on beers that go down easily and offer a perfect balance between bitterness, full-mouthedness and the warm feeling of alcohol. You will find a wide range of beers belonging to the traditional Belgian beer styles as well as new, innovative creations.

The Bacchus name stands for Flemish red-brown beers of mixed fermentation, typical of the area around Kortrijk and Roeselare. Bacchus Oud Bruin is a blend of a young, top-fermented beer and a matured, slightly ‘soured’ foeder beer brought up from the foeder chamber. The Bacchus fruit beers are also based on Bacchus Oud Bruin.

The Kasteel range counts amongst its ranks top-fermented beers such as a blonde, a dark and a tripel as well as a beer with an increased hop content (Hoppy). Kasteel Rouge is a blend of Kasteel Donker and cherry liqueur. The ‘By Kasteel’ label covers innovative degustation beers such as the Barista Chocolate Quad with its characteristic aromas of coffee and chocolate; the Cuvée du Château - a Kasteel Donker that has matured in the bottle for many years - and the Trignac XII: a Kasteel Tripel laid down in barrels previously used for cognac.

The St-Louis range is made up of mixed fermentation beers. No yeast is added during the brewing process. The wort cools down in an open cooling basin and ferments after getting in touch with the ambient microflora. This is how lambic, the mother beer, is made. Gueuze is a lambic beer that re-ferments in the bottle. To produce a kriek, the juice of krieken cherries is added to the lambic. Kriek lambic is made by adding whole krieken cherries.

The range also comprises Brigand, a tripel; the strong blond Filou and the dark Slurfke, a beer of the ‘dubbel’ type. Last but not least, Passchendaele is a blonde, top-fermented beer with plenty of character but with the alcohol volume of a pils.

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