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After almost 10 years, Filou is rolling out a new identity

By 18/07/2023No Comments

In 2024, our beer brand Filou will blow out 10 candles. A decade of Filou. That deserves a new look and feel. So, our mascot underwent a mini makeover. With the new identity, we are also highlighting the sportive character of our Filou.


A new look

Filou has had a mini facelift. The cheeky smirk with squinting eyes has made way for sparkling eyes and a broad grin. You can’t help but smile! Sponsoring sports teams has clearly done our Filou some good because those feeble arms are a thing of the past.

We also reassessed the font. We chose a font that was slightly less angular and not as hard. Finally, the 25cl can will soon look completely different too: sleek in white with a golden edge.

A new identity

The past ten years, our Filou has not only been served in our own country of Belgium, but also in the Netherlands, France, Italy and even Sweden. To underpin the international ambitions of our Filou, we replaced the Flemish caption ‘Belgisch Strekenbier’ with ‘Belgian Tripel‘. That name clearly describes the beer for customers both at home and abroad.

Beer for Champions

In the past ten years, Filou has become one with the world of sport. Filou became the title sponsor of Filou Oostende (basketball) that became national champion for the 12th consecutive time this past season. Filou has also recently become the main sponsor of Filou Handbalclub Izegem that was promoted to the BENE League for the first time in the club’s history.

Furthermore, Filou is the proud sponsor of Knack Volley Roeselare (volleyball) and KV Oostende (football). Filou also regularly acts as a sponsor at sports events, such as the Kevin De Bruyne Cup and Oostende Koerse. And we mustn’t forget the Filou Classic, an annual cycling and hiking event that starts and finishes at the brewery in Izegem.

To highlight the sportive character of our Filou, we christened it the ‘Beer for Champions’. That slogan also applies outside the world of sport. Perhaps you are a musical talent or a maths genius. Maybe you make the ultimate tiramisu, or you have a secret formula for washing windows without streaks. No matter what you do, be it big or small, everyone has it in them to become a champion!

Sport, music or maths: Filou is a beer for everyone who is a champion at what they do.