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NEW: Kasteel Rouge 0,0%

By 28/03/2024March 30th, 2024No Comments

Alcohol-free beers are on the rise and will shortly be joined by Kasteel Rouge 0.0%, the first alcohol-free craft beer from Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck in Izegem.

Innovation is deeply rooted in the DNA of the Izegem-based family brewery. So it was only a matter of time before owner Xavier Vanhonsebrouck entered the alcohol-free arena. Even though, according to him, it was far from easy. “The plans for a Kasteel Rouge 0.0% had been on the drawing board for quite some time. However, I had one hard and fast requirement: I would only give permission to fill our brew kettle with an alcohol-free recipe that would not compromise on the quality of the Kasteel beer label.”

It was no sooner said than done. “This spring, thanks to the intensive efforts of our entire team, we are proud to launch Kasteel Rouge 0.0%. A debut for the Belgian beer scene, as well as our brewery. Indeed, it is the first non-alcoholic craft beer in our product range,” explains Xavier.

Original Rouge, zero alcohol

Co-CEO, Michiel Clyncke, who joined Xavier’s side at the beginning of this year, chimes in: “The market share of non-alcoholic beers is growing. Legislation has created more awareness around alcohol and consumers are increasingly mindful of their alcohol consumption. Kasteel Rouge 0.0% augments the alcohol-free shop shelves with a high-quality craft beer, offering consumers a new, particularly delicious beer experience.”

Its relationship to the original Kasteel Rouge is unmistakable: a ruby-red craft beer with a rich, creamy head and a distinctive palate. “At least for those already familiar with Kasteel Rouge,” says Xavier. “This non-alcoholic version of Kasteel Rouge is not only intended for aficionados, but for anyone who wants to enjoy a refreshing alcohol-free craft beer packed with flavour.”

There’s certainly no shortage of suitable occasions on which to enjoy an alcohol-free Kasteel Rouge. “Expectant mothers who prefer to keep their pregnancy secret a little longer, designated drivers who volunteer to bring their friends home safely after a night out, or students who wish to avoid alcohol while swatting for their exams. It’s the ideal ‘don’t drink and drive/study’ beer,” laughs Xavier.

We will continue to invest in our beer brand to offer consumers the finest beer experience, with or without alcohol, and invariably packed with flavour.

Capacity expansion

Mid last year, the family brewery in Izegem launched Kasteel Rubus Framboise, a full-bodied fruit beer brewed using real raspberries. “It was an instant hit,” says Xavier. “Upon its launch, retailers could barely keep up with demand. Thanks in part to the success of Kasteel Rubus Framboise, we continued to expand our capacity. On 21 March, we installed 4 new beer tanks, together accounting for a 10% increase in capacity,” adds Michiel.

The thirst for creating new beer experiences has not yet been quenched. “Kasteel Rubus Framboise has confirmed our dominance of the strong fruit beer segment. We are now reinforcing that dominance with the launch of the first alcohol-free rouge beer. And we will continue to invest in our beer brand to offer consumers the finest beer experience, with or without alcohol, and invariably packed with flavour,” they concur.

Kasteel Rouge 0.0% will be launched onto the market this spring. Those wishing to sample the alcohol-free craft beer beforehand can visit the brewery in Izegem, where it is now available at Michelles Pub & Brasserie and the Bierboetiek. Both can be visited separately or in conjunction with a brewery visit.