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Cooking with Kasteel

Rouge Rubus Donker Wit

In collaboration with The Mastercooks of Belgium.

Beer as the basis for a dish

Cooking with beer: it is an increasingly popular trend in the kitchen. Both hobby cooks as well as top chefs are experimenting to the full with flavours and styles of beer. The Mastercooks of Belgium, the organisation that brings together all top chefs and upcoming cooking talent in our country, is happy to help you on your way.

Ranging from lamb with Kasteel Donker to sea bass with Kasteel Rouge to beef with Kasteel Cuvée and cod with Kasteel Tripel: on this page you will find all the inspiration you need and tips for cooking with beer.

In collaboration with Mastercooks

“Belgian top chefs prepare their dishes based on a Kasteel beer. You will soon find out what that tastes like.”

Xavier Vanhonsebrouck

Cooking with beer: tips & tricks

When cooking, keep in mind the bitterness of the beer. Blond beers are usually the most bitter and the most challenging type to cook with. Darker and slightly sweeter beers won’t throw a bitter spanner in the works.

Dare to cook with beer. Just like with other dishes, it is important to follow your instincts. A failed dish? Simply try again and learn from your mistakes.