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Beer brewed with love.
Drink responsibly.

Whether at home, in a pub or with friends, we enjoy tasting a wide range of beers. As a brewery we want to encourage lovers of our specialty beers to drink alcohol in a responsible way. That’s why we call on everyone to enjoy our Belgian heritage with moderation and, above all, with a lot of taste!

Enjoy a special beer by yourself or with friends and dare to say: one is more than enough. And believe us, you will enjoy that one beer all the more!

Our craftsmanship

Have you ever wondered why we as a brewery call our beers specialty beers? That has everything to do with the general definition of specialty beers. According to the dictionary, a beer is special if it is brewed in a different way than a lager. Since we do not brew any bottom-fermented beers at the brewery, all our beers are special.

In our view, however, there is a second meaning behind the term speciality beers. First and foremost, all beers are special, because every beer is brewed with passion and love for craftsmanship. That is why every beer deserves your special attention while drinking it. Drink a specialty beer while enjoying a good conversation. Take your time to enjoy every sip and discover flavours you have never tasted before.

All beers

World Heritage

At the end of 2016, the Belgian beer culture was recognised as UNESCO World Heritage. One of the decisive reasons was the awareness campaigns on alcohol consumption by the Belgian Brewers. As a member of this age-old organisation, our brewery also supports these campaigns.

Driving and alcohol don't mix. Every year, the Bob campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of drink-driving. The awareness campaign is aimed at drivers of all ages, and it has proven its worth. Year after year, alcohol abuse behind the wheel is declining and 17 other countries have already adopted the concept. With the campaign '16 years? Prove it!', the Belgian Brewers want to make everyone aware not to sell alcohol to under-16s. The body and brain of this group are still developing. That is why the Belgian Brewers are convinced of the fact that children under the age of 16 shouldn’t drink alcohol. In addition, anyone under the age of 16 may struggle to identify their limits and therefore it is our responsibility not to sell alcohol to young people under the age of 16, or promote it with this age group.

Our vision

Since the opening of our brewery in 1900 we have had only one goal: to brew specialty beers to be enjoyed to the full. We greatly respect our rich beer culture and you can taste that in our beers. We can only hope that lovers of our beers follow our vision and responsibly enjoy our Belgian heritage.

History of the brewery