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Sea bass fillet with Kasteel Rouge

Today we’re cooking with beer with master chef Patrick De Gendt. He’s making pan-fried sea bass fillet with a Kasteel Rouge sabayon, spring leeks, potatoes with sour cream and battered fish bites.

Preparation time:
1 h 30

to serve 4


  • 4 sea bass fillets (around 200 g per fillet, descaled with skin on)
  • 6 x 330 ml Kasteel Rouge
  • 4 spring leeks
  • 3 waxy potatoes
  • 100 g sour cream
  • 1 bunch of spring onions
  • 100 g tempura mix
  • 2 egg yolks
  • Piment d’Espelette
  • Bronze fennel
  • Affilla cress
  • Red sorrel
  • Chives
  • Flat-leaf parsley
  • 200 g clarified butter
  • Olive oil
  • Frying oil
  • 1 l water
  • Sea salt
  • Pepper



1. Sea bass fillets, 330 ml Kasteel Rouge

Remove the bones from the sea bass fillets. Marinate the fillets for 10 minutes in Kasteel Rouge.

2. Piment d’espelette, olive oil

Pat the sea bass fillets dry with kitchen paper, season with piment d’Espelette and fry in olive oil, skin side down.

3. 3 waxy potatoes, sea salt

Preheat the to 180 °C. Roast the washed potatoes with coarse sea salt in the oven at 180 °C.

4. 100 g sour cream, sea salt, pepper, 1 bunch of spring onions

Peel the potatoes and crush them with sour cream, sea salt, pepper and the sliced spring onion.

5. 4 spring leeks, olive oil

Finely chop the green parts of the leek, fry quickly in the olive oil and combine with the potato mixture.

6. Water, butter, salt, pepper

Braise the rest of the leeks whole in a little water and butter. Season with salt and pepper. Scorch the braised leek quickly with a blowtorch.

7. 100 g tempura mix, 600 ml Kasteel Rouge, water, sea salt, pepper

Combine the tempura mix with Kasteel Rouge, water, sea salt and pepper.

8. 200 g pieces of sea bream, oil for frying

Dip the pieces of sea bream in the batter and fry at 180°C.

9. 2 egg yolks, 800 ml Kasteel Rouge, 200 g clarified butter

Beat the egg yolks in a figure of eight with the Kasteel Rouge. Add the clarified butter and continue to work to form a sabayon.

10. Arrange the grilled leeks and potato puree on the plate first, followed by the fried sea-bass fillet with a couple of battered fish bites.

11. Bronze fennel, affilla cress, red sorrel, chives, flat-leaf parsley

Finish with the Kasteel Rouge sabayon. Make a herb bouquet for an attractive presentation on the plate.