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Slurfke Blond

We never thought we would brew a beer from a fictional television program. But Eddy van Noteghem from the popular soap called ‘Thuis’ (‘Home’) convinced us with his beer recipe for Slurfke. He inspired us to start brewing the fictitious beer based on the original recipe from the television series. This way, the fans of ‘Thuis’ can now really drink and enjoy the beer from den Eddy.

Slurfke Blond is the textbook example of a light blonde beer and combines the golden yellow color with a mild taste. The subtle aromas of citrus fruits and the bitter notes are characteristic of this blond beer. The lush foam head completes Slurfke Blond.

6% ABV







Xavier Vanhonsebrouck

“This blonde beer offers the perfect balance between bitter and fruity making it wonderfully mild in the aftertaste.”