Winter dish, winter beer: 5 delicious food pairing ideas!

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The trees are bare, the beautiful colour palette of the leaves is gone and the length of daylight has decreased. King Winter has arrived and the holiday season is just around the corner. It’s time to start preparing the Christmas dinner or simply to spoil yourself with a winter dish in combination with a winter beer.

During the winter period, many breweries come out with their seasonal beers. The beer brewers use winter herbs such as cinnamon, liquorice, anise and thyme. These types of Christmas beers are often also dark beers with a relatively high alcohol content.

At Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck we have several beers that meet these requirements. That’s why we go a step further and introduce you to five beers that go perfectly with winter dishes. From appetizers and starters to main dishes and desserts: we have a beer for every course. It’s up to you to taste and approve them!

#1 | Cuvée du Château and cheese

Those who like a beer with a story will certainly appreciate our Cuvée du Château. The recipe for this specialty beer was invented after our CEO and brewmaster discovered the taste of a ten-year-old matured Kasteel Donker. The hints of roasted and caramelized malts are a perfect marriage with strong cheeses. Time to plan a cheese and beer night soon?

#2 | Kasteel Rouge and pâté

Although Kasteel Rouge is a fruity beer that you rather drink on a sunny terrace, it is also a strong beer perfect for food pairing. For example, start the Christmas dinner with grilled brioche with pâté and serve this starter with a glass of Kasteel Rouge. The sweet taste of cherries goes perfectly with this classic dish!

#3 | Kasteel Donker and pork cheeks

Kasteel Donker is a strong dark brown beer with hints of caramel, coffee and chocolate. A full-mouthed beer that surprises with a sweet attack. And that taste goes perfectly with pork cheeks. In our restaurant we braise this typical Belgian dish in Kasteel Donker and the result is to lick your fingers!

#4 | Kasteel Tripel and sole

Our Kasteel Tripel contains hints of cloves and aroma hops, resulting in a mildly bitter aftertaste. Therefore, our Kasteel Tripel is a perfect choice for any type of occasion. During a dinner, our triple is a successful marriage with fish dishes. For example, cook your guests an Ostend sole and serve your dish with a Kasteel Tripel. We bet you will surprise everyone with this food pairing idea!

#5 | Barista chocolatee Quad and chocolate

Caramel, toffee and chocolate. These winter flavours are united in perfect harmony in our Barista Chocolate Quad. This type of chocolate beer is similar to a stout, a British beer style, and offers clear notes of coffee. Instead of serving coffee for you guests, serve this winter a glass of Barista with a praline or piece of chocolate fudge as an alternative to dessert. A delicious ending to your dinner!