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Welcome to the brewery of Kasteel

From our independent family brewery in Belgium, we bring Kasteel to the United States of America to serve our finest quality beers.

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A few reviews

Kasteel WitBy Marc

I gotta tell ya, that first sip of Kasteel Wit was a total game-changer! It’s like the standard of wheat ales, so darn refreshing and just plain awesome. Head over heels in love with it!

Kasteel Donkerby Katharina

I’m stoked this bad boy’s back in town. It’s an absolute delight. If you’re into Belgian dark beers, this sweet, magnificent quadruple is a total must-try. Can’t get enough of it, I swear!

Kasteel Rubusby Rachel

I ain’t a sweettooth, so I was kinda skeptical ‘bout the beer, but it surprised me big time! Not too sweet, perfectly balanced, with a nice touch of sourness. A real must-try, folks.

Kasteel Rougeby Bryan

Kasteel Rouge is one heck of a brew. It’s smooth, balanced and that touch of sweetness makes my cherry pop. No doubt about it, this cherry ale is my absolute fave!

Kasteel Rubusby Bethany

Oh boy, I was already blown away by Kasteel Rouge, but dang, these Belgians outdid themselves with Kasteel Rubus. Wauw! The design is mind-blowing, and the brew? Unbelievably good! Can’t even put it into words.

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