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Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck and LiQ launch Kasteel Rouge ice cream

By 01/05/2021May 23rd, 2022No Comments

Kasteel Rouge ice cream: sounds like a dream, doesn't it? LiQ, a Belgian start-up from Harelbeke that specialises in the production of liqueur-infused ice cream, thought so too. Time for a taste!

“The very best ice cream in Belgium that contains the very best beer”. That is how Jorgo Struyve, founder of LiQ, describes Vanilla Cherry Kasteel Rouge.

It sounds so delicious that we can’t wait to taste it! Vanilla Cherry Kasteel Rouge is a frivolous mix of vanilla ice cream,a dash of Kasteel Rouge and a summery cherry swirl with nibs of white Belgian chocolate for some extra crunchiness. Is your mouth watering too?

Joint branding

This is the first joint branding for our family brewery inIzegem. “Everyone knows that our brewery does not shy away from a challenge, so we were excited to join forces with LiQ. We are both proud that our partnership has resulted in a product that is a real innovation in the world of desserts“, says our CEO Xavier Vanhonsebrouck.

It certainly is an innovation, because Kasteel Rouge is the first Belgian specialty beer to have been incorporated into an ice-cream dessert. LiQ also confirms that aside from Kasteelbier no other beers will be included in the range. In addition to the Kasteel Rouge ice cream, the LiQ range also includes ice-cream flavours based on amaretto, bourbon, prosecco and whisky.

Kasteel Rouge has been the pride and joy of our brewery for a long time, and it keeps getting more and more popular. We are incredibly happy that fans can now enjoy their favourite beer as a dessert too. So, it goes without saying that we were very happy to participate in this initiative”, adds our CEO.

A unique partnership with Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck has resulted in the first Belgian ice cream that contains beer. Truly the cherry on the cake.


One of the key reasons why we decided to join forces with LiQ is the ice cream producer‘s focus on sustainability. Respect for the planet and local products is in the DNA of this Belgian start-up.

“We want people to enjoy a delicious treat without damaging the planet. That is why the cup packaging is made entirely out of eco-friendly materials”, Jorgo Struyve of LiQ explains.

Our brewery too opts for sustainable packaging for our specialty beers. In 2019, we already took an important step towards a more sustainable future with the launch of our in-house canning line.

The cherry on the cake

LiQ was founded in April 2018 by Jorgo Struyve and Nicolas Destoop. In 2020 the two entrepreneurs launched a crowd funding to further develop LiQ’s brand awareness. Originally, the money was to be used to launch four upgraded flavours. Eventually, a fifth flavour was added.

“The cherry on the cake – and you can interpret that both literally and figuratively – is the result of this unique collaboration with Kasteel Brouwerij Vanhonsebrouck: the first Belgian ice cream that contains beer”, concludes Jorgo Struyve.

The brand-new LiQ ice cream has been available at several supermarkets (Colruyt, Delhaize and Spar) and at the Beer Boutique in Izegem since April 2021. Soon this delicious ice-cream dessert can also be ordered in the LiQ online shop, and it can be purchased from the Prik & Tik beverage shops.