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Filou looks back on the 2022-2023 sports season

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Nail-biting: that’s perfect way to sum up this past sports season. Both the Tomabelhal in Roeselare as well as the COREtec Dôme in Ostend formed the backdrop to many thrilling matches. Even closer to home, HBC Izegem was promoted to the BENE Handbal League for the very first time. Unfortuntely, KV Oostende didn’t score as well. The ‘Kustboys’ lost out in the relegation battle and, after ten seasons, move back to second tier. An overview.

KV Oostende (football)

KV Oostende’s time in the Pro League came to an end. After a difficult season, the Kustboys said farewell to the premiere league in our Belgian football. They did end in style, however, because despite their relegation, KVO surprised everyone on the final day of playing. They shot KAA Gent from its position in the top four, resulting in the Buffalos losing their spot in the Champions League play-offs.

Knack Volley Roeselare

In contrast to KV Oostende, Knack Volley Roeselare looks back on a ‘Filoumenal’ sports season At the end of February, the team won the Belgian Cup for the 15th time in a West Flemish duel against Decospan Volley Menen. In early April, Knack exceeded all expectations by qualifying for the final of the CEV Cup. Unfortunately, the European campaign didn’t end in Roeselare’s favour. The Italian Modena Volley drew the long straw and returned home with the cup.

There was little time to wallow in defeat as the Belgian competition was nearing its highpoint. Exactly a month after the European final, Knack did what it had to do: it beat its eternal rival, Greenyard Maaseik, and became national champion for the 14th time. A great achievement that earned Steven Vanmedegael the title of ‘Coach of the Year’.

Filou Oostende (basketball)

Filou Oostende’s goal this season was to reach the Magic 12 or in other words, national champion for the 12th time in a row. Meanwhile, for the seventh consecutive year the team played in the Basketball Champions League. Filou Oostende fell at the play-offs against the Turkish Bahcesehir Koleiji, but despite that elimination, they can look back on a great European campaign.

On home ground in Belgium, Filou Oostende narrowly lost out in the cup final against the Antwerp Giants. The rematch was not long in coming. In the play-off finals, Oostende Antwerpen won and retained the national title.

Filou Izegem (handbal)

Filou HBC Izegem (handball)

Finally, we look back on HBC Izegem’s season. After years of hard work, HBCI won the title in the first national championship and was promoted to the BENE League, the competition between the best handball teams in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Filou was also promoted from sponsor to main sponsor. From the design of the home and away kits to the decoration of the hall: the entire club will be in Filou colours next season.

Oostende Koerse: sport and party by the sea

There is no summer without Oostende Koerse. Every Monday in July to August, you can go to the Aceg Wellington Renbaan (racetrack) in Ostend for a day filled with racing entertainment, ambiance and Filou!

This year, the organisation made a distinction between the Belgian and Premium Races. The doors open at 4 pm for the Belgian Races. After three gallop races and five trotting races, numerous Flemish artists will take the stage at around 8.30 pm. The Belgian Races take place on Monday 3 July, 10 July, 24 July and 14 August.

The doors open as early as 11 am for the four gallop and trotting races of the Premium Races. The artists take the stage at 4.20 pm. So, an earlier start means and earlier end, which will be at about 6.30 pm. This year, the Premium Races take place on Monday 17 July, 31 July, 7 August, 21 August and 28 August.

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